Kelly's Taekwondo

GM Thornton Kelly Sr.

Kelly’s USATAD-MI was founded by Master Thornton Kelly Sr. Master Kelly began teaching martial arts after meeting Grandmaster Ho Yung (Tiger) Chung more than 38 years ago. Since that time Master Kelly  has worked tirelessly to promote the art and tradition of Taekwondo. He has accumulated many awards and certificates.


Kelly’s USATAD-MI is a 501(c)3 organization with affiliations  to Kukkiwon, the Korea Taekwondo Association, the USA Taekwondo Association and the USA Taekwondo Association For the Disabled. Kelly’s USATAD-MI also boasts  collaborative relationships with  a myriad of nonprofits and community based organizations.

Its mission is to promote the art of Taekwondo and cultural awareness among disabled and able bodied persons as well as among traditionally underrepresented groups.

In accordance with that mission he objectives of the Kelly’s USATAD-MI are as follows:

  • Self-Improvement - Instill within and empower students with a sense of discipline, respect and confidence.

  • Cultural Awareness - Utilize the art of Taekwondo to facilitate the exchange of ideas and promote greater awareness of different cultures via a myriad of local and national programs and activities.

  • Eliminate Barriers - Promote a diverse and multi ethnic student body that appreciates and develops the unique gifts and talents of each student.

Kelly’s USATAD-MI is committed to making our programs accessible to all and, thereby, eliminate limitations imposed by physical conditions and/or socio-economic status.