Master Olu Jabari

Mkuu Jabari

5th Degree Black Belt

Let me first thank God for blessing not only me but our school, and all those who've had the patience to assist me and help me become one of Michigan's top Master Instructors.

My Mentor God, although i've not done everything perfect, my God still allows me opportunities to get it right, and for that, I am most grateful and again will never take my talents, skills and abilities for granted

My wife, who believed in me when no one did, we've been together 25 years and still kicking, thank you Lord for a real wife and best friend.

My parents, wow without them and my God where would I be? Only God has that answer. thank you mom and dad for teaching me what the world cannot.

Marvis Cofield, my instructor, what an awesome man of God. Uniquely blessed physically, mentally and spiritually connected to life and he gave it to me..

Team Jabari


  • 5th Degree Black Belt - Alkebu-do
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt - Tang Soo Do
  • 5th Degree Black Belt - Hekima (Montu)
  • WKC Team USA 2015
  • WKC National Champions
  • WKC Team USA 2012
  • WKC World Champion 2012
  • State Champions 2009-Present
  • WKC National Champions