Team Jabari



Jabaris Martial Arts Academy will provide a safe and family focused environment, within the state of Michigan that focuses on child and family development, while promoting sports karate/martial arts at an affordable cost.

  • JMAA will promote rules and regulations governing sports karate/martial arts including sanctioning of events and the licensing of athletes, coaches, and officials.

  • JMAA will promote mental, physical training and educational initiatives for youth and adults and the general public.

  • JMAA will provide opportunities for inclusive recreational and competitive methods for youth and adult participation.

  • JMAA will continue to develop and maintain partnerships with stakeholders that can further the development and delivery of a world class sports karate/martial arts program in the Michigan area and abroad.

Jabari’s Martial Arts Academy, its members and stakeholders are expected to adhere to the fundamental values of the organization at all times. (we have adopted the value system of Dr. Maulana Karenga) Nguza Saba 7 principles.   


A world championship martial arts program in the state of Michigan; that promotes self-respect, self-discipline, self control, and self-awareness through active participation in consistent training, and participation in the sport of martial arts.